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New Research: Why People Share Content Online

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The Psychology of Sharing There has been an abundance of research on social media, but to date, no one has asked in a comprehensive way: why do people share? The Psychology of Sharing reveals ground breaking research that fills this knowledge gap. This study uncovers: Primary motivations for sharing Six sharing personas Essential steps for marketers aiming to get their content shared Impact of sharing on Information Management Cycle of sharing Enduring role of e-mail in the age of social media Download the...

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Tools for Design

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Tools we used when developing our app. App Design/Development Android Design Principles A guide to designing Android apps. You can download the default icon pack in various formats and sizes. Kuler Adobe colour swatch tool, you can either make your own swatches or edit existing colour swatches made by other users. Good tool to search a suggested colour scheme based on your product if you’re unsure. You can also edit existing swatches and you’ll get the colour codes. Icons – Some Random Dude Large icon vector pack allowing...

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Google’s Tool to test Mobile Website

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Two second mobile time? Google says it’s vital to success by Lauren Hockenson, Gigaom AUG. 9, 2013 The average mobile page loads in 7 seconds, and that just doesn’t cut it for users. Google, thankfully, has developed tools to get your website speedy and efficient. When it comes to browsing on the Internet, the greater population has the patience of a reasonably sized gnat. While extended loading times on the desktop have gone the way of the dial tone and stay reasonably speedy (at least for us) in the U.S., mobile is a different story....

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Guardian’s Danny Bradbury on Mobile Advertising:

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When mobile and social meet Danny Bradbury, Thursday 1 August 2013 14.50 BST Location-based advertising and mobile games are bringing a whole new layer to social media marketing. Danny Bradbury explores the opportunities An advantage of mobile social networks is that the apps people use often provide far more information about them than you might find on a social network. Photograph: Petar Chernaev/Getty Images Who knew 15 years ago that we’d be carrying our social lives around in our pockets? Marketing professionals...

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The “Sandwich Approach” Undermines Your Feedback

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Roger Schwarz | 10:00 AM April 19, 2013 : HBR Blog Network Have you ever used the “sandwich approach” to give negative feedback to your direct reports? You sandwich the negative feedback between two pieces of positive feedback. It’s a common method, but the sandwich approach may be undermining both your feedback and your relationships with your direct reports. First, let’s look at why leaders use the sandwich approach and why it doesn’t work. In my work with leadership teams, the majority of leaders say they have...

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Cool Responsive Mobile Web Site Tools

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A selection of tools for developing and testing websites for Mobile. Including: Fit Text, Bootstrap, Wirefy, Gridset, Interface Sketch,  Responsive Wireframes, Retina Images and others Fit Text Fit Text is a jQuery plugin that allows text to scale according to the device it’s being viewed on. It resizes text based on ratios and is intended for use with headlines only.   Bootstrap Built by designers at Twitter, Bootstrap is designed to make prototyping easy and relatively painless. Using the Customize feature, you can pick and choose the...

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How London’s Silicon Roundabout really got started

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Giga OM Today, 10:18   How London’s Silicon Roundabout really got started July 2007: Dopplr, where I was CTO, moves into a shared office above a pub on Hoxton Street, along with James Governor of Redmonk. I’m happy to be in the area because there are good places for lunch and I can cycle from my home in Hackney in about 20 minutes. March 2008: Dopplr relocates to a sublet at Moo Studios, 100 City Road, directly overlooking the roundabout. We’re always bumping into startup friends in the street, the cafe life is great, and there are...

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Google on a hiring spree in UK and Ireland

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Giga OM Today, 12:38 Google on a hiring spree in UK and Ireland by Robert Andrews The London offices that Google’s European boss says don’t do much innovative engineering is on a hiring spree — but Google doesn’t want to talk about it. Google is currently advertising for 134 positions at its locations in the capital, after posting dozens of vacancies last week. A further 156 positions have been opened at Google’s Dublin European HQ. Asked why it was staffing up, the company told me: “Google has no comment to share on this.” That is unusually...

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Happy Birthday Smartphone

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  11.23.2012 There is a large section of society who probably think that it was a certain polo-neck wearing, fruit-obsessed, Jobs-worth smartphone a handful of years back in 2007; these people are not only naïve but also wildly incorrect. There is probably also a much smaller group who can remember before everything came with a lowercase ‘I’ when a company called Nokia ruled the roost with something called the ‘Communicator’, a palmtop phone which had an integrated PDA to help business-types look important on public transport. But that...

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London’s reliance on the tech scene is growing, think tank claims

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BY David Meyer Nov 12, 2012 – 8:04AM PT Gigaom London has relied heavily on the financial sector over the last few decades, but that industry’s importance is waning. An influential think tank says it’s tech startups that will need to pick up the slack. photo: Shutterstock / Luciano Mortula London’s Silicon Roundabout certainly gets a lot of attention (and even jealousy), but that focus has until now largely been on what the city and country can do for the tech sector. Now we have some idea of how important the tech sector can be for the...

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