Trainee FAQ

Trainee FAQ


Am I eligible to apply for the MAD Apprenticeship Programme?

To be eligible, an individual must:

- be aged 16 up to 24 at the start of the training

- not have achieved a full level 2 qualification or above

- be unemployed* at the start, and

- have little work experience and be focused on work or the prospect of it

- be living in the UK

*‘unemployed’ means an individual is either not in paid employment or is in paid employment working fewer than 16 hours a week and is available to start work.

Is there an age restriction?

The MAD Apprenticeship Programme will be available for young people aged 16-24 and for young people  with Learning Difficulty Assessments up to academic age 25 from August 2013.

What do the different levels mean?

All qualifications in the UK are part of the National Qualifications Framework:Level 2 is the same level as GCSE grade A* – C. Level 1 is the same level as GCSE grade D to G. Entry level sits just below GCSEs


I didn’t do so well with Maths or English at school, so I’m a bit nervous about picking it up again.

These courses are just for you! You and your tutor will find out which areas need to be brushed up, agree which level is right for you and work together in a relaxed and friendly environment.


When will I start? How long will it take?

Training will take place in East London. Apprentices can start at any time during the year. It normally takes no more than a year to complete, but there is flexibility.

Because AppsCluster plans to provide an intensive period of training prior to starting work, we will coordinate an appropriate time table that balances your needs and the needs of your employer.

What will happen when I have completed their Apprenticeship?

On successful completion, the you can progress within the company you’re working in and or seek further advanced training. AppsCluster’s trained Advice and Guidance advisers will provide support and assistance to Apprentices and Employers.


What is the content of the training that AppsCluster Provide?

A thorough outline can be found on our page Mobile APP Developer Training Units

How much will I earn?

Employers are free to choose how much they pay an apprentice. However the minimum wage for apprentices aged 16-18 is £2.65 per hour. This also applies to those aged 19 and over, in their first year of an apprenticeship. Once you have completed the first year the minimum is increased to the standard National Minimum Wage.

What learning material will I be provided with?

Students will be provided with:

Full course pack

Additional Video Tutorials

All learning will be assessed through structured assessments and individually marked


What equipment will I need?

For Android we would expect all students to have access to a windows pc with a minimum spec:

Recomended Windows (XP or above) Intel Core Duo, 2 Gig RAM. This course runs on Windows systems using the Android Emulator.

For developing on iOS students will need access to an Apple Mac, any built post 2009 will be sufficient.


Will I need to buy any software?

No all software that is required is available free to download.


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