About AppsCluster

About AppsCluster

AppsCluster Academy: People, Tools and Production

AppsCluster Academy is a non profit organisation founded in 2012 in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets to  promote educational and economic opportunity by providing accessible high-quality education to all who wish to realise their ambitions and fulfil their potential specifically in the technology sector.

Through academic research, pedagogic innovation and collaborative partnership we seek to be a leader in the design, content and delivery of accredited courses for individuals to realise this aspiration.

How we fulfil our mission

AppsCluster was founded to open up opportunities in the technology sector to all, regardless of their circumstances, where they live or their previous education. We have students of all ages and backgrounds: from school leavers to people wanting to develop or update their skills, those looking for a career change, and retired people wanting to explore the new world.


We will design all our courses to have no formal entry requirements, either prior qualifications or experience. We allow people who have missed out on education to fulfil their potential and achieve mastery of the craft of developing excellent software.

We believe that it is the knowledge with which our students leave with, rather than those with which they enter, that counts.

We are committed to promoting equal opportunities for all and we monitor ourselves to make sure we live up to our ideals.


We believe all our students should develop the ability to choose the right tools for the task at hand. We provide a discursive teaching and learning environment where teacher and students actively deliberate to reach a conclusion rather than rely on intuition or instruction on a particular tool.


We place great emphasis on ensuring that all our learners develop the confidence and ability to produce great products. We believe this to be the most engaging method of learning. All our courses require students to produce an end product. Our tutors provide individual feedback on the tools and methods students use and we structure opportunities for peer review from fellow students as part of the learning process.

Appscluster Vision

To develop individuals to be creators, not just consumers of digital technologies.

AppsCluster Mission

  • To identify and develop courses that address current and emerging skill gaps in the digital economy
  • To deliver structured and accessible courses that address current and emerging skill gaps in the digital economy
  • To support individuals initiate and sustain enterprise and employment opportunities in the digital economy

Organisational Competencies

Which core organisational skills and competencies are vital to achieving our mission

  • Awareness and research: to anticipate what will be required for the organization’s success in the future.
  • Business acumen: applying commercial rigour, risk management when exploring new markets opportunities.
  • Leadership and management: leading, inspiring and motivating staff and students to own and deliver on AppsCluster’s vision
  • Expertise: Demonstrate essential skills for a position, share expertise, support others in learning and skill building and commit to ongoing professional development
  • Localise: exploit both place-specific local resources as well as external, world-class knowledge to strengthen local competitiveness.
  • Resourcefulness The ability to deal resourcefully, creatively, imaginatively, self-reliably with unusual problems, difficult situations, or unanticipated opportunities.

Organisational Values

What core organisational values must be imbedded in our organisation to establish a culture capable of achieving our Mission?

  • Diversity – commitment to cultivating a diverse team with business, education and community expertise.
  • Communication – commitment to engaging staff, students and partners in strategic planning
  • Freedom for Initiative of Employees – to make suggestions, develop plans and make decisions
  • Partnerships – Being explicit about our intentions, values and motivations to create sustainable partnerships
  • Commitment to people – a commitment to personal growth and social recognition for staff, students and partners

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